Productive iPhone 5 Review - To Buy or not To Buy? Productive! Magazine Show #49

Michael "Nozbe" Sliwinski recording a quick video review of the iPhone 5 and whether to buy it or not... if it improves my productivity or not... still undecided but because of the higher processing power (for videos) and HD front face camera (for recording shots like this one) and most of all, the larger screen - and what do you think?
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Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 (show)

Trisha Sue
Oct 8, 2012 15:34
I am sure a lot of techie people out there are really curious what this iphone 5's edge over the iphone 4. This iphone 5 may not be so much better than iphone 4, but it still is better.
David Hart
Oct 15, 2012 21:30
Michael, everybody is criticizing the new port but the port gives the iOS devices a hosting capability for USB which will make a great deal of improvement for future docks and sleds. I think the real question is: 1) is why didn't Apple have the adapter cables (30 pin to new port) at the time of launch 2) why doesn't Apple launch an in-store promotion for discounted cables for existing previous iOS users or just give away an adapter cable for those users who mention that they have an existing dock product. I completely discount the idea that Apple simply wanted to sell more cables than to go USB mini or micro. Both technologies are lousy for repeated insertions and deteriorate quickly over repeated used. The new standard is much better for continued use.
Oct 6, 2012 17:10
I am big fan and subscriber to Nozbe. The hardest time I had was quickly capturing my thoughts when I was out and about. Even the iPhone nozbe app was too slow to make me want to pull it out and type something in. I am now using Quick Capture for GTD and was able to set it up to work well with Nozbe. My dictated action items go straight to the Nozbe inbox. They are my perfect iPhone combination.
Michael Sliwinski
Nov 19, 2012 13:34
I'm definitely getting the iPhone 5 - yes, the new connector is actually not that bad. I like the new 4" screen.