Office in a Bag - Macbook Air & Accessories for Road Warrior - Episode #26

How to fit an entire mobile office in one bag? In this new episode of Productive! Show I'm sharing with you how I manage to fit my Apple Macbook Air and all of the accessories into one small bag.
Question: How does your Road Warrior bag look like? Do you fit everything in there? P.S. This video was inspired by Chris Brogan and Michael Hyatt Subscribe to Productive! Firm | Get the Show: [ with RSS | from iTunes ]

Posted on Thursday, October 21, 2010 (gadgets,mobile,office,show)

Michael Sliwinski
Oct 27, 2010 14:39
Thanks for your comment and tip about Silica Gel, Johan! Glad you like my setup :-)
Oct 23, 2010 13:11
Hi Michael, Nice posting. I have a similar set-up. I include in my pockets for cables always some packages SILICA GEL. That helps to keep the moisture away. Keep up the good work. Johan
Michael Sliwinski
Jan 21, 2011 17:54
It's Targus XS Subnotebook case. It fits both the 13" Macbook Air and the 13" Macbook PRO (tried it in store). It should be available online. I bought it during my trip to Spain (Madrid) in a local Corte Ingles superstore, Hans.
Dec 8, 2010 21:16
Hi Michael, Thanks! I have a mac book pro currently... I'm wondering... what do you do if you are on the road and you need to make a large backup of files? No dvd burner in the Air. Do you take an external burner or is there some newer archive that I'm not thinking of here. Please advise. Thanks!
Michael Sliwinski
Dec 8, 2010 22:11
I just bought a small 1TB USB 2.5" Hard Disk called WD Passport - it's small, handy and it's 1TB of data, so backing up or working from it is just too easy :-) I don't remember last time I burned a DVD or CD...
Jan 19, 2011 06:37
Michael, what is the name of the bag? Where did you find it?
Mark Simons
Mar 10, 2012 08:50
Good video! I spent a lot of time creating my travel pack. As a base I use a little business class toilet bag. I have 1 world plug with extra power cable, a 4 port USB charger which charges my iPhone, iPad, travel router and bluetooth headset simultaneously. Also use the Asus WL-33oN3G travel router with a 21mbps Huawei 3G stick. Ideal in every circumstance, whether LAN, wifi or 3G. I only use retractable or short cables (max 5 inches) to avoid clutter. For sound I use the Foxl2, which is one of the best little speakers I have seen to date