Jason Fried of 37signals interviewed for Productive Magazine #8

Productive! Magazine #8 is coming very soon. Here's the interview with our special guest. Michael Sliwinski of Productive! Magazine talks with Jason Fried about business, productivity, team-building, creating great stuff and more. Full transcript of the interview in the Productive Magazine #8 (free PDF or iPad app). Interview has been done in 37signals' new offices in Chicago when Michael visited them.
Question: What would you like to ask Jason? Did you know that 37signals inspired me to start Nozbe? Subscribe to Productive! Firm | Get the Show: [ with RSS | from iTunes ]

Posted on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 (interview,magazine,show)

Michael Sliwinski
May 5, 2011 13:11
Thanks Harry, had a blast interviewing Jason - his my personal business guru, you know :-)
Paul Montwill
May 23, 2011 10:58
Michael, it is so irritating that you follow your passion, go to to 37signals office and interview Jason Fried :) Good luck!
Michael Sliwinski
May 23, 2011 13:41
I'm really sorry that it "irritates" you, Paul :-) Hope this "irritation" motivates you to do great things! Keep it all up and thanks for stopping by here! All the best!
Harry @ GoalsOnTrack
May 3, 2011 23:32
Great interview!
Productive Magazine #8 coming mid-May – here’s my intro | Productive! Firm – new home to your favorite productivity Magazine and Show
May 11, 2011 16:53
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