I'm still standing! - my latest video show

If you've been following my Twitter feed recently, I've been experimenting with a stand-up desk, thinking I should try to avoid a sitting position as much as I can... meaning - I shouldn't be sitting 12 hours a day... so after two months I'm still standing:

I originally posted this video on my Productive! Magazine site (I encourage you to check out past episodes) - here's also a YouTube link.

A few tips while working in a stand-up position:

Here are some of my thoughts on working with a stand-up desk:

- get comfortable shoes, with as soft a sole as possible.

- first week work only 2-3 hours standing max, your legs will feel totally destroyed anyway...

- later try to change positions, move a lot... and work max 4-5 hours standing

That's basically how I work. As I mentioned on the video, I appreciate sitting a lot more now. I love to work in the morning standing, fully concentrated in the "action mode"... and around 1-2 pm unplug the laptop and sit comfortably to answer email or chat via Skype...

I'm suddenly more eager to exercise despite the fatigue

Additional benefit - I'm exercising more eagerly now - the stand up position warms me up to do more exercise. It's really cool. And totally unexpected as my feet feel really tired after I've been standing for quite a few hours.

Anyway, I'm still standing and I'll keep on experimenting with alternating between standing and sitting.

Have you ever tried working standing? What's your experience been?
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Posted on Monday, March 19, 2012 (video)